Tips for Securing Your Google Documents

Tips for Securing Your Google Documents

Google Docs has become a major player in the workplace. It’s an excellent tool for collaborating with others and saving time, but it can also be unsafe if not properly secured. You may think that you are safe because your document is locked behind a password-protected firewall, but there are still ways to access your documents without entering any credentials at all. In this blog post we will explore some of the best practices for safeguarding Google Documents so they stay private and secure!

Google Docs is a great way to collaborate on documents with others. However, it may not be safe for confidential information and should only really be used in an open environment where everyone has access at all times otherwise they risk having their sensitive data exposed.

Is there a way to hack Google Docs?

Google has made it possible for individuals and companies of all sizes, across borders with just an internet connection. So what’s stopping you from accessing your data on the go through these cloud-based services like Gmail or Drive – which come equipped as part of our free package at G Suite?! Well if government agencies have their say about that then we will need some serious convincing before going against them but let me ask you this: wouldn’t YOU want everyone who needs access (including competitors) taken care off remotely without having any security concerns whatsoever? That’s the beauty of G Suite.

You can access your Google Drive files on any device with an internet connection! Just login into your account and you are good to go. A lot of people ask me how they can protect their data in case someone finds out their password or if it gets lost/stolen, etc… So let me give you some tips so that you never have to worry about these things again:

  • Use a strong password containing numbers, capital letters and symbols – this is not required but highly encouraged! Do NOT use dictionary words for passwords as hackers may be able to hack them easily when trying different combinations. Create something unique which no one else will ever know! For example “I love Ice Cream” would not be a good password because it is easy to remember and hackers know this too, “IkcLu$eIceCrm” would be better.
  • Enable two factor authentication on your Google account – This will require you to enter in another piece of information after your password when logging into your account! You can do that by adding an App like Authenticator or Authy which will generate unique codes for each login attempt which you then must type in online once the code pops up. This is great especially if someone gets hold off all of your data as they also need physical access to something with the generated code (i.e., phone).
  • Encrypt sensitive files before uploading them onto Google Docs/Google Drive – This is pretty simple to do, you can use WinZip, WinRAR or any other file encryption software.
  • Be very careful about the privacy settings of documents – If it’s not meant for anyone else to see then make sure that no one will be able to access it! Even if someone has your link they still won’t be able to open the document unless they have an active Google account which means that there are many people who would not be able to view them.