1. A major threat to IT security is human error. Mistakes by employees can lead them into dangerous situations where they will create sensitive data on their machine and leak it, or be caught accessing files that shouldn’t have been accessed in the first place because of what’s called “blue-screen” which was created for this very situation when blue screens are used as a way punish people with an unexpected message after making mistakes but now has become commonplace among hackers looking at gaining access codes from unsuspecting victims by using them to see what they are doing without their knowledge.
  2. The second main threat to IT security can be broken down into three categories. The first is human error, where employees make mistakes that leave customer data vulnerable or even put them at risk for identity theft; this includes misconfigured computers as well as virus attacks on company devices like laptops and smartphones with malware downloaded by an infected application (i know right).
  3. The second category involves technical vulnerabilities such as weak passwords – which could allow hackers access directly through your system’s interface without any kind of exploit needing ever occur first – but these to need some sort(s) protection because if there isn’t any defense against hacktivism, then it would be game over for internet security. And the third issue is bad actors getting into company data because of logic flaws in their system’s design; these are generally more dangerous than technical vulnerabilities, which allow attackers to gain access to your data with effort and time but not necessarily skill (you can learn everything you need about how to do something by googling it).
  4. Risk can be defined as an uncertainty or threat that poses danger, insecurity. When it comes down risk in regards computer hacking there’s many different perspectives on what could happen and how they might occur which makes protecting against them difficult if not near impossible but don’t worry!
  5. I’m here today with some helpful information so you will know whats present-day problems before anyone else does namely: There is always somebody who’ll try their best at getting into any system no matter how secure its supposed to be.
  6. Second anything within range could potentially contain malware (malicious software) meaning even logins pages scripts files etc., should all be considered as potential threats; third every system has a loophole which if known to the user can help them avoid these security problems for all intents and purposes that is until they become aware of it then its just a cat & mouse game.